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Kare Raisu Recipe Japanese Curry

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Serving(s): 1


Golden Curry * 1 Brick
Ginger 0.5 cm
Potato 1 Piece
Garlic Clove 0.75 Piece
Carrot 1 Piece
Oil (neutral) 1.5 Tbsp
Round-Grain Rice * 100 gr
Pork cutlet 100 gr
Water 100 ml
Onion 1 Piece


Rice Cooker * 1 Stück
Pot * 1 Stück
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Recipe Information

Vegetarian: no
Vegan: no
Lactose: no
Gluten: yes
Calories: ~ 180
Difficulty: 2/3
Country: japanisch
Category: Hauptgericht
Preparation: 10 Min.
Cooking Time 35 Min.
Total Time 45 Min.
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Karē Raisu / Kare Raisu (jap. カレーライス engl. "curry rice"), imported to Japan in the 19th century by the Britains, it has become an integral part of Japanese cuisine since then.

One reason for this is the quick and easy preparation. Karē Raisu is not eaten with chopsticks, but with a spoon. A very popular way to serve Karē is Karē Raisu, which means "Japanese curry with rice". These two dishes are served together on a plate and not separately, as it is usual in the Japanese cuisine.

In addition to Kare Raisu you can pick vegetables and salads, because they are very refreshing and cool the mouth. My personal favorite side dish for Karē Raisu are pickled onions, which can also be found in German supermarkets, cucumber salad with mayonnaise and corn or traditional fermented cucumbers, eggplant, etc. 

As mentioned in the beginning, cooking Kare Raisu is super easy. With curry tablets or powder it is now a breeze to cook the Japanese recipe. Buy s-b-golden-curry-mild at Amazon Here on Amazon (Affiliate Link) Mild variant * affiliate link or spicy variant * affiliate link can be ordered for example via Amazon. Vegetables are seared, meat and water are added and then brought to boil. At the end you have to add the curry paste / powder and ready is your Karē Raisu. 

I wish you a lot of fun with cooking this meal and good appetite! Itadakimasu!

Karē dishes 

There are many other Japanese dishes that can be prepared with Karē. 

Here is a short list:

  • Karē-Raisu (curry with rice) 
  • Karē Udon (curry with thick pasta) 
  • Karē Donburi (thick curry with rice) 
  • Karē Pan (toast or fried pastry with curry) 

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  1. Cut the meat into bite-sized pieces. Cut potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic and ginger in the size you want. We recommend quartering the onions and dicing the potato. Chop the ginger and the garlic in very fine pieces.

  2. Parallel you can cook the rice already (see instructions). The easiest way is to cook it with the rice cooker, but a normal pot will also give the desired result.

  3. Fry the onions with ginger and garlic over medium heat with a little bit oil until the onions have a golden yellow color.

  4. Then add the meat and sauté briefly. If the meat sticks in the pan, add a bit more oil.

  5. Once the meat has stopped looking pink from the outside, add water, potatoes and carrots and set the cooker to low heat. Simmer for 20 minutes with the lid closed. But beware, it does not overcook!

  6. When the soup has finished cooking, you can carefully remove the foam that has formed on the surface. Make sure that you do not wash away too much of the precious broth. In general, 2 tablespoons of foam per serving should suffice.

  7. Turn off the heat, add the curry spice mixture and stir well for a few minutes.

  8. Done is the traditional Japanese dish Karē Raisu! Ittadakimasu!

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