Renkon Lotus Root

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Updated: 11.09.2019

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    The term "Renkon" is used to describe edible lotus roots. The lotus is a floating plant that grows in large parts of Asia, including Japan. Above the water surface it is characterized by large leaves and white or pink flowers. Below the surface, the individual plants are connected by an extensive root network. This root network is edible and very tasty in some lotus species.

    How is Renkon prepared?

    Renkon can be bought raw or pre-cooked in the supermarket. However, the raw roots must first be peeled before consumption. Renkon is often served thinly sliced. The roots are traversed by hollow tunnels (like cheese), which when cut form beautiful patterns on the individual slices.

    And how do you eat Renkon?

    Renkon is served as a side dish, in soups and stews, refined with vinegar as a salad, but also fried as tempura. The consistency of the lotus root changes depending on the preparation: if Renkon is blanched only briefly, it is crisply fresh; if it is cooked longer, however, it becomes much softer - almost like a potato.

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