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Mul Naengmyeon Recipe Cold Buckwheat Noodle Soup Instant Version

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Serving(s): 1


Crushed Ice 1 Cup
Egg 1 Piece
Ganjang (korean soy sauce) * 1 Tbsp
Gochugaru (Korean Chillipowder) * 1.5 Tbsp
Cucumber 0.5 Piece
Garlic Powder 1 Tbsp
Naengmyeon Noodle Instant Set * 100 gr
Rice Vinegar * 2 Tbsp
Salt 0.5 Tsp
Sesame Seed * 1 Tbsp
Sugar 1.5 Tbsp
Onion 0.5 Piece


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Recipe Information

Vegetarian: yes
Vegan: no
Lactose: no
Gluten: yes
Calories: ~ 230
Difficulty: 1/3
Country: koreanisch
Category: Hauptgericht
Preparation: 10 Min.
Cooking Time 10 Min.
Total Time 20 Min.
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Mul Naengmyeon is a traditional cold noodle soup, that you can try in different variations in Korea. Naengmyeon are a main food in Northkorea and this country is famous for this type of noodle dish. Even Kim-Jong-Un served this cold noodle dish during the current meeting to Moon Jae-In. After this, it became a very symbolic dish for korean people.

Naengmyeon Box with Buckwheat Noodles, Sauce, Broth and Mustard Powder
Naengmyeon Box with Buckwheat Noodles, Sauce, Broth and Mustard Powder for 2 people

Mul can be translated as water and Naengmyeon are Korean buckwheat noodles in the form of Spaghetti. Mul Naengmyeon is quite unique as its best served cold or chilled. For Koreans as well as for me it’s the perfect summer dish that is refreshing, healthy and delicious. The base of the soup consists of meat broth, that is ideally made from fresh meat. As not everybody has got the time to prepare homemade meat broth, it can be bought in packets and is mostly available at Korean supermarkets. In some supermarkets you might even find a complete Mul Naengmyeon set, as you can see on the picture on the right. Apart from the buckwheat noodles the set consists of soup packets and sauces.

Other sets consist of the broth in form of powder. In that case you just have to add water to the powder. You can find one of those sets in the ingredients list as an Amazon Link or you can click on this link ;Mul Naengmyeon Set on Amazon (Affiliate Link)

The soup base tastes better if chilled. It’s therefore recommended to put the soup packs into the freezer beforehand.

Additional ingredients are just as important

For this soup the noodles are just as important as the ingredients that are added to it. Eggs, radish and cucumbers are the classics you can definitely find in Germany. Another recommendation would be Yeolmu Kimchi, which can almost certainly be found in Korean supermarkets. Yeolmu Kimchi is a great asset to this dish as it’s not so strong and spicy as normal Kimchi. Unfortunately it’s basically impossible to make Yeolmu Kimchi at home as the necessary vegetable, young radish leaves are not available in Germany. In case you are lucky to find this vegetable, you can use this recipe:dieses Rezept in order to make Yeolmu Kimchi.

Another special ingredient is the sauce. The sets that I earlier described contain sauces already, but I highly recommend that you make your own sauce. That way you adapt the sauce to your own taste. As soon as you are having the dish you just add the prepared sauces to the dish and add more or less of it. I have written down 2 delicious sauces for you.

Sauce Number 1, my favourite:

  • 1.5 tablespoon Gochugaru
  • 0.5 tablespoon sugar
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon rice vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon garlic (fresh or powder)
  • 0.5 ontion (finely chopped)

Sauce Number 2

  • 2 tablespoon Gochugaru
  • 1 tablespoon Mulyeot = corn syrup (honey as an alternative)
  • 0.5 tablespoon fish sauce
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon rice vinegar/li>
  • 0.5 tablespoon garlic
Mul Naengmyeon close picture
Yummy Yummy , Delicious Cold Noodle. I Love It!!

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  1. Boil the number of eggs you’d like to use hard. I usually use 2 eggs for one portion, but one egg is absolutely sufficient.

  2. Mix the sauces. The earlier you mix it, the better it will be in flavour.

  3. Prepare the cucumber. Cut it with a peeling knife into thin slices that you then cut into thin sticks. Mix the cucumber sticks separately with 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 tablespoon rice vinegar, 1 tablespoon sesame seeds and 0.5 tablespoon salt. Mix the “salad” well and put it aside.

  4. Cook the buckwheat noodles as per cooking instructions on the packet and rinse them to keep them ice cold (cooking time for the noodles is about 5 minutes).

  5. Prepare the broth for the soup from the packet. I will still develop a recipe for a homemade soup broth in due course.

  6. Now put the cooked noodles into a bowl and add about 250 ml of the broth. Also add the cucumber sticks, the radish, the halved and hard-boiled egg, Yeolmu Kimchi and a bit of sauce. After you’ve taken a nice photo you can mix it all together. Not forgetting the most important thing, the crushed ice. The soup should definitely served chilled.

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