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Kimchi Bibim Guksu Recipe Spicy Korean Noodle with Kimchi

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Serving(s): 1


Egg 0.5 Piece
Spring Onion 0.5 Piece
Ganjang (korean soy sauce) * 1 Tbsp
Gim Gui (roasted seaweed) * 1 Pinch
Gochugaru (Korean Chillipowder) * 1 Tbsp
Gochujang (Korean Chillipaste) * 1.5 Tbsp
Cucumber 0.5 Piece
Rice Syrup * 2.5 Tbsp
Cabbage Kimchi * 100 gr
Garlic Clove 1 Piece
Maesil (Korean Plum Extract) 1 Tbsp
Mirin * 1 Tbsp
Carrot 0.5 Piece
Rice Vinegar * 2 Tbsp
Sesame Seed * 1 Tsp
Sesame Oil * 2 Tbsp
Somyeon (Korean Wheat Noodle) * 120 gr


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Recipe Information

Vegetarian: no
Vegan: no
Lactose: no
Gluten: yes
Calories: ~ 400
Difficulty: 1/3
Country: koreanisch
Category: Hauptgericht
Preparation: 10 Min.
Cooking Time 5 Min.
Total Time 15 Min.
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Kimchi Bibim Guksu is a Korean pasta dish consisting of kale kimchi, somyeon noodles and a spicy hot sauce. It is served cold and is a wonderful combination of spicy, sour, salty and salty flavours. The secret here lies, among other things, in the sauce, which develops a brilliant taste through the ingredients gochujang, sesame seed, rice syrup, vinegar and other spices.

I once cooked this dish at a Korean cooking competition where a very famous Korean ex-head of the Hyatt Hotel in Busan, South Korea, gave me many valuable tips for this dish. Since then, this dish has been one of my absolute favourite pasta dishes in Korean cuisine. I will write a contribution to this nice experience.

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  1. Mix the sauce first.

    Mix the following ingredients 1.5 tbsp Gochujang, 1.5 tbsp honey or rice syrup, 1 tbsp soy sauce, 1 tbsp sesame Öl, 1 tbsp rice vinegar, 1 clove garlic (finely chopped), 1 tbsp Gochugaru, 1 tbsp mirin, 1 tbsp plum extract (Maesil Cheon, alternative 1 tbsp sugar)
  2. Cut the cucumber and the mühre in dünne and long sticks: When you cut the mühre, divide them into 2 pieces and cut each one into very long slices, which you again cut around into dünne sticks. Cut the cucumber crosswise into thin slices, which you can then also cut into thin sticks.

  3. Fry the Möhrensticks hot with some vegetables. Put the cut and prepared vegetables aside.

  4. Prepare the kimchi. You take your own or bought kimchi and wash it briefly with water. Then press it out and cut it into very small pieces. Then mix it with the following ingredients:

    Mix the following ingredients 1 Tbs Sesame Öl, 1 Tbs Honey or Rice Syrup, 0,5 finely chopped spring onion, 1 tsp Sesame Seed,1 tsp Rice Vinegar
  5. Now put 3/4 of the prepared kimchi into the sauce and stir it.

  6. Now boil up the Korean wheat noodles "Somyeon". Also prepare an ice-cold water bath in which the Somyeon are quenched after cooking. They must not cook for longer than 2 minutes. During the cooking process, add small amount of cold water into the pot twice. Scare off the noodles so that they are completely cooled off. Drain excess water out of the noodles.

  7. Now mix the sauce with the noodles. The easiest way to do this is by hand.

  8. Serve the Somyeon in a half-high bowl, garnish with the cucumber sticks, the carrot sticks, the remaining kimchi, a boiled egg, some seaweed "gim" and a pinch of sesame seeds. This absolutely tasty dish is ready.

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