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Gamcha Matang Recipe Candied Potato

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Serving(s): 1


Brown Sugar 1 Tbsp
Honey 3 Tbsp
Potato 2 Piece
Mulyeot or Ssalyeot * 3 Tbsp
Oil (neutral) 1 as needed
Sesame Seed * 1 as needed
Water 1 as needed


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Recipe Information

Vegetarian: yes
Vegan: yes
Lactose: no
Gluten: no
Calories: ~ 500
Difficulty: 1/3
Country: koreanisch
Category: Beilage
Preparation: 15 Min.
Cooking Time 20 Min.
Total Time 35 Min.
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Gamcha Matang is a sweet and delicious Korean snack, where normal potato pieces are fried and candied in a sweet sauce. This snack is especially popular with small children because of its sweetness. In South Korea there is beside the normal potato also the much tastier sweet potato (That dish is called goguma matang). I will also publish a recipe with the better sweet potatoes on our blog, so wait a little longer:)

In many Korean restaurants this dish is often served as a sweet side dish. Sweet side dishes are also very widespread in Korea, because beside sour, sharp and bitter should be represented to a meal also the sweet taste.

My ingredients - recommendation

Basically, the fried potato is candied with sugar. For a better taste I recommend you to use sugar, wild honey and ideally brown rice syrup (oligotang). But corn syrup (Mulyeot, which I have listed in the list of ingredients) is also fine. For me, dark sweeteners are more and more tasty, because they are often unrefined. This also makes them a bit healthier and tastes better, hehe:)

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  1. Cut the potatoes and cut them into 1x1 cm cubes.

  2. Let the cubes rest in a water bath for 10 minutes, that will rinse the starch out of the potato cubes and make them crispy during frying.

  3. Optional: Pre-cook the potatoes now. Put the potatoes into a small plastic bag, close it lightly so that air can still escape and cook for 2 minutes in the microwave at 700 watts.

  4. Then thoroughly dry the pieces with kitchen paper and heat the tasteless deep fryer (rapeseed is very suitable). Test the temperature with a wooden chopstick by putting it in the pan. If bubbles form at the end of the stick, the frying oil is hot enough.

  5. Fry the potatoes for 15 minutes, if necessary a little longer, they should be golden brown.

  6. Drop the oil off the cubes.

  7. Prepare the marinade in a pan. Heat 5 tbsp. water, 1 tbsp. sugar, 3 tbsp. honey, 3 tbsp. mulyeot or rice syrup. As soon as it begins to chill, turn off the heat and stir in the potatoes.

  8. Garnish the pieces best with black sesame seeds and enjoy directly fresh.

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