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Doenjang Pimientos de Padron Recipe Peppers with Soybean Dressing

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Serving(s): 1


Roast Pepper 250 gr
Doenjang (Soybean Paste) * 1 Tbsp
Gochugaru (Korean Chillipowder) * 1 Tsp
Gochujang (Korean Chillipaste) * 1 Tsp
Rice Syrup * 2 Tbsp
Garlic Clove 1 Clove
Mulyeot or Ssalyeot * 2 Tbsp
Sesame Oil * 1 Tbsp
Water 1 Tbsp


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Recipe Information

Vegetarian: yes
Vegan: yes
Lactose: no
Gluten: yes
Calories: ~ 70
Difficulty: 1/3
Country: koreanisch
Category: Beilage
Preparation: 5 Min.
Cooking Time 0 Min.
Total Time 5 Min.
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I have to admit, this side dish is a fusion of the Spanish and Koran cuisine as the Pimientos de Padron are served as a tapa in Spain. Luckily, I’ve discovered them in supermarkets. This kind of pepper is often served grilled. 

It tastes slightly bitter, crisp and not too hot. In combination with the Korean soybean paste Doenjang (Light Version) and other ingredients, it becomes a divine side dish that is also known as Banchan. In Korea this side dish can be called “Oi Gochu Doenjang Muchim”.  In case you don’t have a light Doenjang paste at home, you can use the Japanese version miso paste instead. I’ve tried both versions and as the Doenjang paste tastes stronger, I find the Korean version better in flavour. 

This is how Pimientos de Padron look like

You can get this kind of spanish pepper at normal supermarket

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  1. Rinse the pepper with cold and clean water

  2. Dry the pepper and chop it best with the kitchen scissors into thumb thick pieces. You don’t have to wash out the little pits as they can be eaten.

  3. Now mix the dressing adding the korean soybean paste (Japanese miso paste is also fine) and all the other ingredients. In case you don’t have any Mulyeot (corn syrup) at home, use liquid honey alternatively.

  4. Now mix the dressing with the pepper and see that everything is covered with the sauce.

  5. (Not necesarry) Put the side dish into the fridge for a little while. It tastes even better when served cold.

  6. Serve this delicious grilled pepper as a quick side dish.

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