16 Korean Dishes and Cookings You should Try at least Once!

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Updated: 23.05.2022

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    16 Korean Dishes and Cookings
    16 Korean Dishes and Cookings

    The South Korean cuisine is not just spicy, it’s also full of flavour. It’s not surprising that the more or less unknown Korean cuisine is very trendy at the moment. But what are those famous Korean dishes that you should definitely try out? Check out my personal 16 favourites! I’ve made most of those dishes a few hundred times already and as I’m a huge fan of the Korean cuisine, I’m passionate about sharing this amazing cuisine with you!

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    Kohl Kimchi

    What is that? Fermented und spicy pickled vegetables.

    Kimchi is one of the healthiest foods in the world. This spiced pickled vegetable is Koreans most famous dish and is served with every meal in Korea. Kimchi is used raw, cooked, fried and often used as an ingredient for many other dishes. I have several easy and traditional korean kimchi recipes on this blog, check them out!

    Our Kimchi Recipes


    scharfer Reiskuchen

    Autor: Ten-ele-ven

    Tteokbokki is a very popular street food that consists of rice cake pieces, vegetables and fish cake. This spicy and delicious dish goes really well with a beer. Rice cake consists of rice and has got a soft dough kind of texture – definitely try it. There are several variations about Tteokbokki, but the most common version is the spicy Tteokbokki.

    Try out our delicious and original Tteokboki Recipe


    Tteokbokki Recipe Spicy Korean Rice Cake

    Kimchi Jjigae

    Kimchi- Suppe mit Tunfsich

    Autor: Chloe Lim

    What is that? A spicy soup with Kimchi and tofu

    The Kimchi soup either made with cabbage Kimchi, tofu, vegetables or meat. It’s very healthy and warming; especially on cold winter days. It’s as easy to prepare as to cook rice! 

    Our Kimchi Jjigae Recipe

    Kimchi Jjigae

    Kimchi Jjigae Recipe Kimchi Stew

    Doenjang Jjigae


    Autor: amanderson2

    What is that? Hearty soybean soup with tofu

    This traditional spicy soybean soup tastes hearty and spicy – depending on the soybean paste (Deonjang). This soup becomes a true star by adding tofu, mushrooms, meat and vegetables. The soybean soup is an authentic dish from South Korea an regarded as the “original soybean soup&rdquo

    Our Doenjang Jjigae Recipe

    Doenjang Jjigae

    Doenjang Jjigae Recipe Die gesunde Sojabohnen Suppe


    gebratene Glasnudeln

    Autor: Naotake Murayama

    What is that? Spiced fried glass noodles with vegetables 

    The original „fried noodles “! – Japchae is prepared with glass noodles, vegetables and a sauce for frying. All the different sauces make this dish so flavourful. The glass noodles absorb the sauce giving you a festival of flavours.

    Our Japchae Recipe


    Japchae Recipe Korean Fried Glas Noodles


    feurig angebratenes Rindfleisch

    Autor: Chloe Lim

    What is that? Spiced fried beef chunks

    The Korean fire – meat. Spiced marinated beef is cooked on the open fire and is a “must have” at every Korean BBQ! The finely sliced meat will literally melt in your mouth. Enjoy Bulgogi with rice, salat, kimchi and BEER! 

    Our Bulgogi Recipe


    Bulgogi Recipe Spicy fire meat from Korea


    Bossam in Scheiben

    What is that ? Tender cooked pork belly in soybean water

    Cooking instead of frying! Bossam is made with a broth of water, soybean paste and vegetables. This makes the meat tender and soft.  Bossam is served in slices on salad leaves with rice, kimchi and other side dishes. This dish is full of flavour.

    Check out Our Bossam Recipe


    Bossam Recipe Soft Boiled Pork Belly


    Nudeln mit schwarzer Bohnensauce

    Autor: Chloe Lim

    What is that? Noodles with black bean sauce

    Don’t worry – those black noodles in bean sauce are one of the absolute highlights of the Korean cuisine. The noodles are prepared with the typical black bean paste (Chunjang) and refined with vegetables. If you first want to try it out, then instant noodles are a great option.


    Jjajangmyeon Recipe Noodles with black beans sauce

    Bibim Guksu

    kalte scharfe Nudeln

    Autor: Jinho Jung

    What is that? Korean Style Cold Noodle with spicy sauce

    Cold noodles are part of the daily Korean life and are full of hot and mild flavours. The Bibimmyeon one is served with a hot chilli sauce, cucumber, egg and ice cubes. Garnished with seaweed and sesame seeds, this is the perfect dish for summer and it’s my absolute favourite meal on hot days.

    Check Out our Bibim Guksu Recipe

    Bibim Guksu

    Bibim Guksu Recipe Hot and cold noodles



    What is that? A rice bowl with amazing toppings.

    Bibimbap is a bowl filled with rice and a variety of thinly sliced vegetables. The individual sauce makes this dish extra special. Use hot, salty, sweet, meaty or tofu-based sauces and find your own personal Bibimbap favourite. Top it with a fried egg and drizzle with a handful of sesame seeds. Now mix everything well and you’ll find yourself on cloud number 9

    Check Out Our Bibimbap Recipe


    Bibimbap Recipe Korean Rice Bowl Dish

    Budae Jjigae

    Amerikanisch-Koreanischer Eintopf

    What is that? A hearty American-Korean stew.

    Hearty and a meaty taste. The American influence is very strong in this dish. The stew consists of kimchi, tinned meat, bacon, cheddar cheese, vegetables, baked beans, sausages and many other ingredients according to your liking. To give it some flavour, the Budae Jjigae is spiced up with Korean spices such as Gochugaru and soy sauce. Put a packet (without spices) instant ramen noodles into the pot and enjoy this hearty stew – Korean food meets the Western world!

    Check Out Our Budae Jjigae Recipe

    Budae Jjigae

    Budae Jjigae Recipe Korean Army Stew



    Samgyeopsal is basically just very thin sliced pork belly. This part of the pig is very important in Korea. It’s a favourite at Korean BBQ and is eaten along with great sauces, side dishes, vegetables and rice. Pork belly is a must for every Korean BBQ! In addition  there are many other great recipes with Samgyeopsal where the meat is either fried, cooked or steamed. (see Bossam)

    Furthermore you also can prepare several dishes just with pork belly, as the three recipes i linked below for you :) Check them out and explore this wonderful ingredient.

    Sundubu Jjigae

    Sundubu Jjigae

    What is that? A soup with soft tofu chunks.

    Sundubu Jjigae is a Korean soup with a very soft tofu. Tofu is a main ingredient of the Asian cuisine and that’s why you’ll find many tofu-based recipes. Apart from Doenjang-/ and Kimchi, this is a very popular vegetarian and vegan soup.

    Check Out Our Sundubu Jjigae Recipe

    Sundubu Jjigae

    Sundubu Jjigae Recipe Korean Tofu Soup

    Mul Naengmyeon

    Mul Naengmyeon

    What is that? A refreshing noodle soup.

    Mul Naengmyeon is a cold noodle dish, that mostly is eaten on warm summer days. The special noodles are made out of buckwheat and are typical for this dish.  This meal gets its amazing flavour by adding a boiled egg, cucumber, ice, Yeolmu – Kimchi and a soup broth (ice cold).  There are many different sauces, that bring this dish to a whole new level. It’s definitely one of my favourite meals in summer!

    Check Out Our Naengmyeon Recipe

    Mul Naengmyeon

    Mul Naengmyeon Recipe Cold Buckwheat Noodle Soup Instant Version

    Korean fried Chicken
    Korean fried Chicken

    What is that? - Special double fried korean chicken covered with savory sweet sauce

    Dakgangjeong is one version of the famous korean fried chicken, also known as KFC, haha, not Kentucky fried Chicken! Dakgangjeong is very crispy and has a sweet and slightly spicy taste - It fits perfect with Beer. Maybe you know the term Chi-Maek? It is a composition of Chicken and the korean word for Beer (=Maekchu). Try out our delicious korean fried chicken. I also created a video for you, with which you can imagine the cooking more easily. Enjoy! :)


    Dakgangjeong Recipe Fiery fried chicken

    Kimchi Fried Rice

    gebratener Kimchi Reis

    What is that? Rice and Kimchi fried together.

    Kimchi Fried Rice is one of the most popular and most famous Korean dishes. It’s super easy to prepare and tastes amazingly. You can make it extra tasty by adding roasted seaweed and a fried egg. In case you still have some kimchi at home, make this quick meal now. 

    Check Out Our Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe

    Fried Kimchi Rice

    Fried Kimchi Rice Recipe Easy, Spicy and Fast

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        Hey John,
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      Recipes look yummy 

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        hehe they also taste extreeeeeme delicious <3

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      Love your recipes. I cannot wait to try them all. Thank you for sharing 

      • RyuKoch Logo RyuKoch (Ryusei & Matthias)

        Hi Pamela,
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