Sukju Namul Mung Bean Sprouts

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Updated: 17.10.2020

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    Mung bean sprouts are sprouts from the mung bean, also called Jerusalem bean. Mung bean sprouts are frequently used as an ingredient in Central Asian and South-East Asian cuisine. These sprouts are mainly used for soups and salads. In Vietnamese cuisine, mung bean sprouts are used, for example, for the famous soup Pho. In Korean cuisine, mung bean sprouts (called "Sukju Namul" in Korean cuisine) are used rather rarely. On the other hand, the soybean sprouts, also called kongnamul, are used in many korean dishes.


    Kongnamul Soybean Sprouts

    Where can you find Mungbean Sprouts?

    You can buy mung bean sprouts in normal supermarkets. Normally the fresh mungbean sprouts can be found freshly packed in the salad bar. The better alternative is to buy mung bean sprouts in an Asian supermarket. Here you can buy mung bean sprouts in large quantities, at much lower prices.

    What do you have to consider when buying?

    If you want to buy mung bean sprouts, pay attention to the freshness of the sprout. They should of course be white, with a slight yellowish color. The very narrow head should still look green and not brown. In addition, the stems should look firm and crisp. Take a small stem in your hand and break it through once. If the stem gives resistance, then the mung bean sprouts are fresh. See this Post title picture for the perfect mungbean sprout quaility!

    Japanese & korean Produtcs

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