Soju Koreas Most Popular Alcohol Beverage

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Updated: 11.09.2019

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    Soju is the most popular alcohol in Korea. Actually it is kind of ‘national drink’. Almost every Korean restaurant serves Soju. Traditionally made from rice but Soju can also be made from barley, wheat and various grains. Soju is a clear, transparent and colorless alcoholic. 360ml green bottle, soju tastes really good with certain foods like Korean BBQ and price is really affordable. It was originally known for its high alcohol percentage, but the content level’s gone down recently to attract more customers especially woman in Korea.  New low content soju containing fruit flavors recently hit the markets.

    When Is The Soju Drinking Time?

    Korean people never forget their first taste of Soju and everyone has Soju story. I also have my own Soju story and hang over story. Soju can allow people to open up their stories and it can make people much more closer. So people can easy to build up their relationship when they drink Soju. When people get stress or if they need someone to talk, Korean people say “let’s go some drink”, It means they need to talk or they want to relive some stress. Sometimes Korean people drink soju for fun and they drink Soju to celebrate special occasions. They want to enjoy party and they want to enjoy drinking games so they drink Soju. So soju can be a perfect excuse for getting drunk. I always drink soju whenever I eat Korean BBQ and Maeuntang / Spicy Seafood Stew. It is my kind of comfort food and it always makes me remind of Korea.

    Flavored Soju

    Soju flavor follow the trend. And soju has been changed to follow customer needs. I cannot say which flavor is the best flavor. But personally I prefer original Soju. But Nowadays Soju has a lot of different kinds of flavors. 

    • Lemon/Yuzu Soju
    • Grapefruit Soju
    • Blueberry Soju
    • Peach Soju
    • Korean Raspberry Soju

    Lemon/Yuzu Soju

    Delicious, very light, a little bit sour but sweet. It’s perfect for ladies who want some refresh. You can make your own Soju Mojito using Lemon/Yuzu Soju 

    Grapefruit Soju

    Bottle is really pretty. It’s a little bit too sweet. But it’s quite popular in Korea. You can mix with Sprite or any other Fruit flavor soda. But I recommend you to mix with 1 shot of the grapefruit soju to a pint of beer. You will not regret it. 

    Blueberry Soju

    Blueberry soju is just ok, it’s really sweet but it’s worth it to try. Blueberry taste is a little bit artificial flavor for me. 

    Peach Soju

    Peach soju is perfect for spring time. It reminds of cherry blossom. If you mix with Sprite or iced tea, it would be even better. Package is really pretty very pink, pink. So it’s perfect Soju for ladies. 

    Korean Raspberry Soju

    If you don’t like strong flavor of Soju, you can try this one. The raspberry taste is strong enough to cover the soju’s strong smell, but it isn’t as artificial as blueberry.

    Make your own Soju Cocktail (Shake it Shake it~)

    Soju Cocktail with Blood Orangejuice
    Soju Cocktail with Blood Orangejuice

    Soju+ Petitzel (Korean sweet pudding)

    It can be a perfect after meal dessert for you. It’s a little bit sweet and bitter. 

    Soju+ Melon Ice Cream

    You can enjoy super creamy cocktail. Faded green color is amazing. It’s really easy to drink without any strong Soju smell.

    Soju+ Dried fruits

    I dont want to recommend you to try this. You can feel dried fruits flavor but when you chew the dried fruits, it feel like I’m actually chewing paper. 

    Soju+ Plum, Japanese apricot juice

    Soju color changed into Beer color but it taste quite good. You dont need to purchase Maehwasu (Plum Liquor). It is same flavor and taste as Maehwasu.

    Drinking Games for Soju

    I cannot deny that Koreans love to drink. But they also love to play some drinking games when they drink. If you lose in drinking games, you should drink soju at one shot.I want to recommend several drinking games for you to try.

    Soju Drinking Games and Easy Rules

    Baskins Robbins 31

    The goal of this game is not to say 31.Each person say up to 3 numbers in succession until they get to 31, whoever says 31 has to drink soju at one shot.

    Soju bottle cap game

    Open a bottle of Soju and take the Soju cap and twist the loose part until its straight and then you flick it with finger. The person who flicks it off can make everyone else drink.

    Noonchi Game

    You just have to say a number from 1 to the number of people who are playing. Players lose if two people say the same number at the same time or whoever is the last.

    High-Low Game

    Each Soju bottle cap has each number.Whoever opens the bottle cap can start and take the cap and say it’s a number between 1~50.Players start guessing what number it is, and whoever has bottle cap hinting whether is higher or lower that number. Whoever guessed correctly is safe and the people to the left and right of the person who guessed right has to drink together.

    Japanese & korean Produtcs

    What is ...? Basics

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