Kongnamul Soybean Sprouts

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Updated: 17.10.2020

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    Kongnamul are soybean sprouts and are considered an essential vegetable in Korean cuisine.

    These bean sprouts are mainly used for soups, pan-fried and potted dishes. However, there are also recipes based entirely on bean sprouts such as Kongnamul-Muchim. Check our recipes with kongnamul.

    Where can you buy them?

    You can usually find it in the Korean or Chinese supermarket, in the refrigerated counter. If you are not sure, ask the staff.

    Watch out - Soy bean sprouts are not mung bean sprouts

    In many recipes you will find by mistake a wrong description of the actually used mung bean sprouts, which are called soy bean sprouts. Please have a look at our video above, where we explain both sprouts. You can also have a look at our Basic article about mung bean sprouts.

    Sukju Namul

    Sukju Namul Mung Bean Sprouts

    You should consider this when buying!

    Soybean sprouts unfortunately do not stay fresh for long. They should be consumed within a few days. It is therefore important that you pay attention to the freshness when buying bean sprouts. The sprouts should not look brownish or dark yellow on the stalk. In addition, the head, the small yellow bean, should not look mushy but rather firm.

    In the East Asian supermarket you can buy bean sprouts as well as mung bean sprouts. Make sure that you really buy bean sprouts, instead of mung bean sprouts if you don't know the difference between these two sprouts watch our video on YouTube. For Korean cuisine, it is necessary to use bean sprouts if it is in the recipe. Unfortunately bean sprouts cannot be replaced by mung bean sprouts.

    Also the main differences is the price! Generally Soybean Sprouts are more expensive than Munbean Sprouts!

    Japanese & korean Produtcs

    What is ...? Basics

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