Ginseng Tea Insam Cha

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Updated: 11.09.2019

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    Ginseng tea is a tea made with ginseng, which is very popular for having healthy ingredients. Ginseng started to be cultivated in Korea in 14c, Goryeo era, and it is widely used for many foods. Ginseng tea tastes neat. You can also smell the peculiar aromatic scent. To make Insam Cha, usually ginseng is cut into pieces and boiled with water. You can make ginseng tea with both, fresh and dried ginseng.

    You can also mix ginseng with honey or sugar to make ginseng marmalade, and put a couple of spoons of it in hot water. Red ginsengs can be used too. You can be creative on additional ingredients to make ginseng tea more special and healthier. But at the same time, you can just buy simple powder type of ginseng tea products in markets, which is much more convenient.

    Ginseng Tea is very healthy

    Ginseng tea is known to be very healthy and can recover you from tiredness. Saponin in ginsengs strengthen the immune system and warms your body. In the record of Chosun era, it is said that when the kings are in a critical illness, they are served ginseng teas as the final method. It is said that ginseng tea is much better with jujubes and honey. Especially, the flavor gets better if you put jujubes. Moreover, It’d be good to eat apples with ginseng tea since ginseng is lack of vitamin C.


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