Gaebul Penis Fish

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Updated: 23.05.2022

If you go to a Korean fish market, you'll see fish and squid as well as strange looking seafood, like the Urechis unicinctus, better known as Gaebul or penis fish. Gaebul looks like a thick pink worm and occurs on the coasts of China, Japan and Korea. It is mainly caught during the cold season from October to February.

Many Koreans enjoy Gaebul because the fish is known to be nutritious and inexpensive. At typical Korean fish markets the live gaebul are bought and directly processed. To beer and kimchi you can enjoy Gaebul directly at the fish market. Nevertheless, the appearance still frightens off many people. When I was in South Korea, I tried Gaebul and was pleasantly surprised by the taste. This fish tastes more like nothing and has a firm bite.

Korean fish market - Store of a seller
Korean fish market - Store of a seller
fresh cutted Gaebul Fish
fresh cutted Gaebul Fish

I took the photos during my trip in Busan.I ordered some fresh Gaebul, which were prepared directly by the nice stand owner. Of course I bought more fish at the fish market. Then I went next door to a small bar and ate the fresh fish with beer, soju and many side dishes. I liked Gaebul very much. I liked the slightly sweet taste very much. If you ever travel to Korea, I recommend you try Gaebul.

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