Dolsot Korean Stone Bowl

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Updated: 11.09.2019

Dolsot or also Gopdolsot is a korean pot made of a piece of stone directly to serve. in this stone bowl usually delicious korean dishes like bibimbap are cooked and served. It is usually made of Gopdol stone. Since the stone gives off heat evenly and keeps it warm longer, Koreans have long used it in kettles, pots and stone bowls. Dolsots are usually made and sold small, so you can only cook 1 or 2 portions in a dolsot, so one dolsot portion is enough for one person.

Cooking rice in a dolsot is very common in Korea. The special thing about it is that the rice burns at the inner edge of the shell and thus gives off an additional smoky aroma. After eating the main content (bibimbap as an example) the dolsot is filled with water and covered with a lid. The burnt rice and the water form a soup for dessert, which is also known as "Sungnyung". In many cases, seafood or vegetables are added as desired.

Bibimbap is a very popular dish that is ideal for cooking in dolsot. When bibimbap is cooked in stone bowl, it becomes particularly crispy compared to simple bibimbaps. In Korean restaurants it is also common to serve bibimbap in dolsot. But beware, very hot!

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