Cheonggukjang Korean fermented Soybean Paste

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Updated: 23.05.2022

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    Cheonggukjang is a Korean fermented soybean paste that is produced similarly to Doenjang. The soybeans are fermented more for Cheonggukjang and resemble the Japanese Natto soybeans. Unlike Natto, which is eaten raw, Cheonggukjang should only be eaten cooked. 

    Very healthy

    Cheonggukjang belongs to the very healthy ingredients of Korea, because the strongly fermented paste contains many valuable and for the body beneficial bacteria. In addition, the paste offers plenty of vegetable protein, little salt, half the paste should be consumed quickly (as long as it is not in the deep freezer).

    Where is Cheonggukjang used?

    Cheonggukjang is mainly used for the production of Jjigae dishes. The best-known soup is Choenggukjang Jjigae, which is cooked with kimchi, tofu and mushrooms. The paste can also be added to the Doenjang Jjigae and meat dishes like Bossam taste delicious with a small amount of Cheonggukjang.

    Beware! Very strong smell!

    Cheonggukjang is notorious for the very strong smell that oscillates between foot odour and manure. The strong smell is not very pleasant for many non-Koreans as well as for some Koreans. When cooking with this paste, your whole apartment will smell, so watch out. 


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