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Updated: 11.09.2019

Buckwheat is one of popular hardy plants in Korea. It is originally from northeast Asia and middle Asia, and the harvest time is on July, summer. Since it only takes 60 days until the harvest so buckwheat is used in many kinds of foods including a tea. Buckwheats are dried and roasted for buckwheat tea. To make Buckwheat tea, you can put few spoons of roasted buckwheat in hot water and wait for minutes. You can also make Buckwheat tea with teabags sold on markets. This tea is easily made with cold water as well. It is known that it can be used as drinking water.

Buckwheat is known to have cold nature and cool down your body when you eat it. It must be a good ingredient in summer, when it’s harvested. Buckwheat tea is known to cheer your body and to help digestion. It also contains much rutin which helps antioxidation in our body. But if you have a cold body or a weak stomach, it’s better to avoid drinking it too much. There is a kind called “Tartary buckwheat” which is raised in China, and it is known to have much more nutrition and better taste. So, many people prefer Tartary buckwheat tea more.

When you drink, it’s good to drink with mandarins or other fruits that contains rich vitamin C. It’s because vitamin C gets along with rutin very well.






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