Brown Rice Tea Hyeonmi Cha

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Updated: 11.09.2019

Brown rice is a rice that hasn’t proceeded polishing. So this brown rice has embryo bud and bran, not like the ordinary well-proceeded white rice. The embryo bud and bran is very well known to be nutritious. It contains rich amount of Vitamin B, E, and protein compare to the white rice. The only reason people prefer white rice despite the reason must be because of the hard texture of brown rice. Other than that, brown rice is a healthy ingredient. Brown rice also contains fiber and is helpful for those who have diabetes, or those who are on a diet. In Korea, Brown rice tea that is made of this good ingredient is traditionally considered to have remedial effects. Brown tea lowers your cholesterol level and helps with diuretic action as well.

To make Brown rice tea, brown rice is roasted until it becomes yellow and pops up like popcorns. It has its own strong aromatic scent. You can buy roasted brown rice on markets, and few spoons of brown rice inside hot water get you a cup of brown rice tea. In many times people use only brown rice to make the tea, but there are exceptions. It is said that when you roast beans together with brown rice, it becomes much more nutritious. There are mixed teas such as brown rich green tea, as well. Moreover, it is well known that drinking brown rice tea with vegetable soup is really good for patients who have cancer, despite it’s hard to imagine.


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